Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 6, Lake Louise and the Icefields Parkway, 7-2-2009

It was 3 degrees Celsius when I pulled out of Banff at the crack of 9:00. I took a short ride up to Lake Louise for Breakfast.

I had a nice light breakfast.

Afterwards I met a couple of other bikers that were roughly in the middle of an 8,000 mile ride on their GS's.

A couple of baby Clark's Nutcrackers calling for their mommy.

This might be mommy.

I walked back to the bike and was getting ready to leave Lake Louise when this older gentleman started a conversation with me in the parking lot. It turns out that he has been a fixture at Lake Louise for quite some time. His name is Niel Gow, and he said that he was going to play Amazing Grace by the edge of the Lake on his alpen horn. I had to hear this, so I helped him carry his gear back up the the lake's edge. At 11:00 sharp, he played, with the music echoing off the lake.

Niel is quite a character -- I am glad I got to meet him.

The next 150 miles were up the Icefield Parkway on the way to Jasper through some pretty spectacular country.

Tomorrow: heading back south.

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