Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 8, Lewiston ID, 7-4-2009

A nice, calm ride today. Left Kelowna, BC at 8:00 this morning and took a mountain pass road where it was nice and cool. At about 10:00, in the middle of nowhere I came upon this General Store. The sign siand "Hot Coffee", so I stopped for a cup and a muffin.

Later in the day I arrived at Lewiston ID -- 100 degrees HOT! Then while making this post the laptop died. Deader than a doornail (whatever that means). I had to finish this post in the lobby on the Comfort Inn's complementary desktop.

I'll finish the posts when I get home in a few days.


  1. Great Dog - looks like a wonderful trip. Have fun and be safe, see you back at the Jam!!

    Ben Baur

  2. Sorry, I think I meant "Great Doug"... not a freudian slip...

  3. Arf, arf!

    See you at a jam next week, Ben.